Our great old club that we love so much is 140 years old this year!
It’s fallen on hard times in recent years and its looking a bit shabby and down at heel. Only two years ago we were all very worried that it might have reached the end of the road but the tide has been turned and we are on the way back. But when you’ve been battered and bruised for as long as the Boro, you need a little help from your friends to get going again.  So we are launching the ‘Boost the Boro Lottery!’

How are we going to boost the club? By identifying projects that need money spent on them which will take the club to where we want it to be and for which there is currently only limited money available.

What kind of future are we talking about? A better spectator experience, a ground fit for National League football, a strong community presence with the club promoting the joys of football to as wide an audience of young people as possible, boys and girls, able and disabled, from all ethnic backgrounds; and a first team for the town to be proud of!

What’s our target? This is a lottery for everyone, not just our regular supporters. Why waste your hard earned cash on the national lottery when your chances of even getting your stake money back are vanishingly small when you will have a much better chance of winning some serious money while Boosting the Boro! We won’t be making anyone a millionaire but our aim is to have a first prize of at least £500 a month. Because the prize fund is always going to be at least 20% of the total kitty, the prizes will go higher as the lottery grows in size... the sky’s the limit! See the Rules of the lottery below for a more detailed explanation of how the prizes will work.

Will you help us? Because it is a lottery for everyone we need lottery agents to go out and sell lottery tickets for us. Our hero of the hour, Eric Robbins, has been pounding the streets of Stafford bringing us lottery members by the score but Eric needs help. Can you be a lottery agent for us as well? Eric does it just because he loves the club and we are hugely grateful to him, but for anyone who would like to do this as a ‘nice little earner’ for a few hours a week, terms can be arranged!  Please contact the club on 01785 602431 or email at if you are interested.


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