Some Questions Answered

How much is the Membership?

Adults (18+) £15.00 per person – based on a 12 month membership renewable annually.
Junior membership is free when a Junior Season Ticket is purchased for £20.00, however a Junior membership card will only be provided if a photo, email address and date of birth are supplied.
Where does the membership fee go?
The £15.00 is split 2 ways:
£2.00 goes to a fund to help run the club
£13.00 goes to the club
(Membership card production, general admin etc is covered by the £2.00)
Who is running the club?
The Supporters Club is administered by fans Alan Gee, Mark Whittaker & Steve Howe.
Anyone wishing to lend a hand would be most welcome.
What is the discount on the away travel?
This will vary depending on the fixture attending, however members of the Supporters Club can expect a discount of @ £2/3.00 off the away travel pricing).
What other benefits are there for joining?
Once you have submitted your details, these will be held by SRFC and used to send you special offers and exclusive discounts on events. All you will need is our personalised membership card to take advantage of the offers.
Discounts on goods from the SRFC shop will be determined by item at the time of purchase. Discounts are not currently available via the on-line portal.
What else is planned?
We hope that the club continues to grow, and that we can then arrange special events solely for these members.
Can overseas supporters join?
Definitely, although unfortunately they may not be able to take full advantage of the benefits, however it all helps to run the club
What if I want to join after January 1st 2014?
Adult members can join any time throughout the year.
Junior members join on purchase of a season ticket.
When will I receive my membership card once I’ve joined?
To keep costs to a minimum, the membership card and any other details will be available to collect from the Commercial Office on match days, or throughout the week (10am-4pm).

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