Lottery Update July 2019


Ongoing pitch maintenance – approximately £4,500 a year

Essential ground and infrastructure improvements to be part funded by external grants which require lottery support to complete including:

  • Replacing the away turnstiles and exit gates – essential work required to retain our current ground grading. Likely lottery commitment – £1,650
  • Phase 1 of admin and changing room block improvements including safety critical work replacing heating and water supply. Likely lottery commitment – £12,500 over 36 months.
  • Phase 2 improvements not yet costed but potential lottery commitment in the region of £12,000


Pitch maintenance and groundsman’s equipment


Shed End Project


Car Park


New Dugouts


Security and Fire Safety


Medical Equipment and supplies


General admin support and miscellaneous


October Lottery Winner

October lottery winner, Ron Monk, was presented with his prize by our chairman, John Bromley.

Boost The Boro Update October 2018

Boost The Boro Update October 2018

Since its launch in August 2016 Boost the Boro has well and truly gone nationwide with winners coming from Merseyside, Bristol, Skegness, Bournemouth, Droitwich, Scarborough, Lichfield, Stoke-on-Trent, and Stone in addition to the many lucky Stafford winners.


Since its launch £15,650 has been paid out in prizes and £12,045 in projects which include:

  • Mark Harrod dug outs
  • Social club shutter doors
  • Pitch maintenance
  • Medical supplies
  • Car park
  • Updating the telephone system
  • Purchase of a Haughton mower
  • A white line machine.

We have also started to do our accounts in-house and the lottery has helped to pay for our Sage subscription fee.  This is a very forward move for the club and is saving the club money in the long run.

Pitch maintenance is officially funded by the lottery on a regular basis. This summer, especially, proved how we need the lottery to maintain our pitch along with the volunteers that work so hard.

We have been working hard at growing the lottery by speaking to local PTFA’s, junior football clubs and other organisations about the partnership scheme. This has been something we have been pushing in the last few months.

The lottery administration has transitioned over to Sally-anne from Paul who is hard at work with the website, Marketing and Accounts. Sally deals with the whole Lottery administration piece along with Eric, who as always is our lottery champion. Eric works incredibly hard behind the scenes and on the front line regularly speaking to anyone he meets about the Lottery, he Is a treasure. Our Chairman John Bromley who always carries mandates in his pocket is always dropping them off to us in the office with new members that have signed up.

All of us in the commercial office continue to push the Lottery and September has been a real reward as it was our best month since the launch of the Lottery. We have managed to sign up the management team and players. We have received mandates from people involved with the under 18’s team and from the other junior teams, special thanks to Roy for his work with forging relationships with the Junior teams. We are grateful to all for their support. Furthermore, we have a resident’s association kindly put forward by Alan Gee, that have come on board and are eager to sign their residents up on the partnership scheme – we wish them all the luck with this.

We have taken on a few more agents, one from Crispin Court care home, she was eager to sign colleagues up after seeing one of the residents had won third prize in the August draw.

Currently we are ring fencing some money within the Lottery scheme to put towards the carpark. This will be put in along with kind donations from many involved with the club including individuals, Stripes and the social club committee. Needless to say we are very grateful for the support. With all that put together we will have enough to do half of the carpark and we are also applying for a grant from the Football Foundation which will make up for the rest of the car park. Our application for this is in progress.

We haven’t had to use the Lottery as much this year due to forming good relationships with local businesses that have offered up supplies and workers to complete work that has been needed in the ground allowing us to save up towards the car park fund.

Our future plan is to outline projects after the car park, in order of priority to enable us to plan timescales, costs and future donations towards the infrastructure of the club.

Boost the Boro now has over 300 members and gross income has exceeded £2,000 for the first time. We are pleased to say that we will be upping the prize fund at Christmas and the prize fund is in review for the new year.

We would like to take this chance to thank all who are involved with Boost the Boro from behind the scenes to our loyal supporters – we are very grateful for your support which helps us to fund much needed projects at the club.

If you would like to become an agent or know of any organisations that would benefit from our partnership scheme, please get in touch with any of the commercial team by calling 01785 602430 or you can email


Kind regards

The Lottery Committee

End of Year Boost the Boro’ Lottery Update

End of Year Boost the Boro’ Lottery Update

Since our last lottery update for the end of September, the Lottery has continued to fund projects for the benefit of the football club, the latest being a donation of £2465.00 for a mower which will help to make life a little easier for our excellent volunteers who work extremely hard in keeping the pitch in good condition despite inclement weather.

At the moment the Lottery membership has stalled at 263 current active mandates and it is important that membership continues to grow to enable the lottery to provide vital funding for a number of projects which will ensure that the club continues to develop its infrastructure.

With this in mind, the Lottery Committee have recently introduced, in addition to the individual agent scheme which offers 30% commission, the opportunity to other sports clubs, school and community organisation, they will receive a very generous commission of 50% of all money raised by recruiting new lottery members. The more members a partner organisation recruits, the more money it raises for its causes. By way of an illustration, if an organisation recruits 25 people each paying £5.00 per month who remain members of the lottery for 12 months, the organisation will receive commission of £750.00

Anyone interested in joining the Lottery, becoming an individual agent or a partner organisation, please contact the club on 01785 602430 or speak to any members of the Lottery Committee, namely David Montgomery, John Mcmillan, Paul Griffiths or Eric Robins.

We wish to thank all existing members for their continued support throughout 2017 and wish everyone a very happy and hopefully prosperous new year and look forward to your continued support.

As the saying goes…”you have to be in it to win it!”


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