If you are an existing holder of ordinary shares/preference shares and wish to buy more shares click on the relevant option in the menu bar.  For any enquiries about shares generally please complete the form, or alternatively send an email to: john.macmillan@staffordrangersfc.co.uk

Why be a shareholder?

When you buy shares in a company, you normally expect the directors to run the business profitably on your behalf and pay you a small dividend at the end of the year without bothering you with questions about how you think the business should be run. They probably wouldn’t thank you even if you told them.  Well – not if you buy shares in Stafford Rangers! Unless we had a fantastic FA Cup run or sold our star striker to Barcelona, the chances of you ever receiving a dividend are virtually nil. Shareholders in the Rangers have never been paid a dividend.

So why buy shares?
Buying shares is the ultimate way of showing your support for the Boro! Not only will it give you a genuine sense of ownership of your favourite football club it will also give you a voice in how the club is run. At the Rangers we do want to hear from our shareholders on a regular basis which is why at our twice yearly shareholders meetings the most important item on the agenda is the open forum at which shareholders get to ask questions and put forward suggestions. And buying shares comes with no strings attached or any further obligation. Getting involved and coming to meetings is entirely optional.

Share Subscription Scheme

Shareholders can now purchase shares on a monthly basis rather than buy a big block at one go through our share subscription scheme. The links to the application forms can be found in the menu.

Have a question? Why not send us an email and we’ll be in touch.

Terms and Conditions

You can subscribe for as short or as long a period as you like but you must commit to buying at least 50 shares. If you cancel your direct debit before you have subscribed £50 your payments will be treated as a donation to the Rangers.

The shares available are Ordinary shares and subscribers will receive their first share certificate when they have subscribed £50. After that, additional share certificates will be issued at 6 monthly intervals, but the register of members will be updated each month to reflect the number of shares subscribed for.

Our monthly plans

If you are interested in our monthly subscription scheme, please click on the links in the menu to complete our online application form. We need your application form before you complete your mandate to ensure our records are kept up to date.

Looking to advertise with us?

Our matchday programme provides a cost effective platform to promote your business for the upcoming season. The programme remains an integral part of the matchday experience with around 2500 sales per season. Each hospitality guest receives a complimentary programme as part of their sponsorship package and is a great way to get your business in front of business owners and decision makers.

Tel 01785 602430 and ask for Ken or Roy

Email commercial@staffordrangersfc.co.uk



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