How does it work?

For just £5 per month, you can play a role in supporting development here at the Club plus have the chance to win some fantastic cash prizes and some truly amazing Stafford Rangers Football Club money can’t buy experiences.

Your membership will include your exclusive draw numbers. These numbers will be entered into all of our monthly draws for cash prizes and a number of draws for unique Stafford Rangers Football Club ‘money can’t buy’ experiences plus our Annual Jackpot Draw.

All winners are notified automatically by email/telephone call and winning numbers will appear on the club website, plus social media channels.

It’s a win-win situation, with the club generating valuable funds for development and members winning many top prizes.

Partner with Us

The Club is offering the opportunity to other sports clubs, schools and community organisations generally to raise funds for their own causes by participating in the lottery as partner organisations. As a partner organisation you will receive 50% of all money you raise by recruiting new lottery members while the Club is responsible for all aspects of administering the lottery and for legal compliance.

Interested? Give our Lottery team a call today and take this opportunity to raise much needed funds for your organisation.

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End of Year Boost the Boro’ Lottery Update

Since our last lottery update for the end of September, the Lottery has continued to fund projects for the benefit of the football club, the latest being a donation of £2465.00 for a mower which will help to make life a little easier for our excellent volunteers who work extremely hard in keeping the pitch in good condition despite inclement weather.

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