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Mar 28, 2020


Thank you for Standing Together with us. As a result of our Stand Together campaign we can advise you that we have so far raised in excess of £8976.00. This is made up from fans buying virtual game packages, sales of shares and donations. We are also seeing a small but increasing number of lottery participants.

To all of you who have contributed so far, Thank You, you are the best !


Our minimum target for fundraising is £50,000. Of this figure £25,000 will be provided from government grants, so we are concentrating all our efforts on raising a further £25,000 from our fundraising activity. This figure will hopefully enable us to weather the immediate financial storm as the world battles against the virus. One of our major aims is to be as transparent and clear about our goals and objectives as possible and leave no one under any illusion about our predicament, which is no different from clubs all over the country.

We communicated to principle shareholders one week ago that following a poor season our finances were not in a good place. Whilst Covid-19 certainly has the ability to bring us to our knees we believe that early intervention and a call for help has already given us some traction to move forward. Our fund raising is vital but will only go some way in impacting our viability in the medium term. We are looking at and actioning our financial position on a daily basis concentrating on minimising the impact of our creditors and pushing forward the administration of schemes and grants, which we will be entitled to.

One of the challenges is the impact on cash flow and trying to determine when these funds will come on stream and its impact on requirements. We also need you to be aware that as stated above the football club was in a difficult position and has been for some time. Whilst the positive actions we have taken are definitely having an impact, we have to be aware that at some time in the future we will need to fund the start of a new season which is why we have to be realistic about action we take now and not give ourselves an insurmountable problem in the future. We are obviously looking at advance season ticket sales but there is no benefit at the moment from taking future income today that we will need to launch our new season although we are actively looking at this.

Your help is now really important and if you can in any way add to our fundraising activity please do so now. We have all seen why Stafford Rangers is ‘more than just a football club, it is part of our community. We also want to take this opportunity to thank the Social Club Committee for their £2,000 donation which forms a substantial part of the funds raised already. If any of you have any contribution you wish to suggest to the SRFC War Council dealing with all of the above please e mail any or all of us below. Alternatively, click here and complete our simple form.

Please Stay Safe and Stand Together – We wish you and your family and friends a safe weekend.

Yours sincerely,
The SRFC War Council

Paul Griffiths, Sally-anne Ashby, John Macmillan, David Montgomery and Alan Gee.



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