Like every business in the world SRFC has been hit and impacted by the unprecedented circumstance of Covid- 19.

We are now fighting to keep our club afloat and need to very much Stand Together.

It will continue to be as hard a fight as we have ever had, but we are determined to make sure the Football Club comes through, it is part of our community.

The responsibility we all have to minimise the outbreak through social distancing results in huge problems as there will be NO Football and extremely limited Social Club income.
We cannot operate any aspect of our revenue stream at all and until further notice the club will wherever possible remain largely unstaffed and closed to the public. There will be aspects of the club where we need to carry out maintenance or actions that will need some members of the staff in attendance but will do this in a clinical and organised manner.


Our objectives are clear: –

  1. To safeguard the Football Club from extinction from the unprecedented challenges we all face.
  2. To protect our employees as far as we can in both an economic sense and in respect of our duty of care. We will need them in the future, and we owe them.
  3. To minimise disruption
  4. To abide by the government guidelines of social distancing & Prevent the spread of Covid19.
  5. To communicate our position to fans in a clear manner on a regular basis

 So, what are we going to do?

 Like every business we will seek to contact our creditors large and small to see if we can reduce overheads and expenses as much as possible. We will explore all opportunities through either government departments, our bank and the league to access whatever assistance is possible. As you are all aware football clubs like ours never have spare monies and the business is reliant on cash flow to survive. We don’t have the comfort of sitting on several months cash flow so we need to take the above action quickly and look at other options available to us and this is where you can help and we will very soon launch an initiative called Stand Together, more details will follow


We send our best wishes out to each one of you and your families and applaud our efforts as a community pulling together to see us all through. We urge everyone to follow the government guidelines to keep the elderly and vulnerable in our community safe and well.


To our heros and heroines in the community keeping the NHS going thank you for your hard work and dedication – we are safe in your hands and will be providing any NHS Nurse who wants one a free season ticket when the 20/21 Season restarts.

To those that are self-isolating please reach out to your community and ask for help if you need it. You can contact us and if we can help or direct you towards help, we will do our absolute best.

There has never been a more important time to ‘Stand Together’ and be ‘More Than Just a Football Club’


From Our team to all our loyal fans, sponsors, officials, volunteers, players and staff.

Thank you



Please note we will continue to take bookings for later in the year and next year. If you need to contact us regarding an existing booking or to make a new booking:

Please email  Or call 07563390457




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