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Jun 12, 2020Club News

News from the BCG and the Club

Whilst the last 3 months have been awful on so many levels we may now be starting to see the possibility of returning to some kind of normal, whatever that will be.

Your involvement with the club recognises our main responsibility in the months to come, which is to go on, and hopefully be able to play our part in making everything a little better in all aspects of our community and within our football club. We all have a responsibility to remember what has happened and learn from it.

It seems a good time to bring everything up to date for you in one communication. What have we achieved as a group? What we are in the process of doing (or trying to) and what is being worked on currently?

So here we go, some you will already know some you may not.

  • You have raised over £52,000 from sales of shares and virtual games initiatives, just fantastic and humbling.
  • Your actions have been recognised by the rest of your football family with the chairman of the NPL recognising you as’ Inspirational’
  • Your actions have helped to currently stabilise the financial position of the club.
  • All available government funding in its different guises have been applied for and received.
  • We responded to your requests and set out 5 clear objectives at the start of our Stand Together campaign which you responded brilliantly to and we have all ‘Come Together’ to move forward. The 5 clear objectives were to:-
    1. safeguard the Football Club from extinction from the unprecedented challenges we all face;
    2. protect our employees as far as we can in both an economic sense and in respect of our duty of care. We will need them in the future and we owe them;
    3. minimise disruption;
    4. follow the government guidelines of social distancing & prevent the spread of Covid19;
    5. communicate our position to fans in a clear manner on a regular basis.
  • We have implemented many IT changes to facilitate payment of different initiatives and changed the website to improve our communication. We have established robust financial models to ensure best practice decisions.
  • We have tried to communicate effectively with you and set a tone and message we can all buy in to. We have delivered messages through traditional and electronic channels better.
  • We have set out a vision we can all buy into and drive forward – ‘To make Stafford Rangers the best club in non-league football, on and off the pitch’.

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