Charity Grant Success

Charity Grant Success

National Lottery awards us £10,000

We are delighted to announce that our very own charity, Stafford Rangers in the Community, has been awarded a magnificent £10,000 National Lottery grant to run a series of sports camps during school holidays, providing food and free activities for families who are struggling due to the cost-of-living crisis.

The camps, for children aged 6-16, will provide a range of sports including football, dodgeball, mini cricket, physical literacy programmes and day trips out. They will also provide children with a meal at lunchtime. The sports camps are designed to Improve the health and well-being of children, help them make new friends and prevent boredom and anti-social behaviour.

Stafford Rangers in the Community chairman John Macmillan, thanked the charity’s Community Engagement Officer Andy Turner for all his hard work for the charity to date and in particular in securing this grant, and said:

“The camps, which will be run by qualified coaches, will be free for everyone. Many of the families we will be supporting are struggling in the cost-of-living crisis, and providing a meal for the children will ease some of the additional financial strains of the school holidays”.

In addition, the grant will enable the charity to hold community get together days, open to all members of the public, and run by members of staff who live in the local community and volunteers. Further details of these will be announced in due course.

For more information about Stafford Rangers in the Community and what it has achieved so far and how you can support its work, visit our ‘In the Community‘ page.





Super-Fan Eric Bows Out

Super-Fan Eric Bows Out

Thank-You Eric

Eric Robbins

Eric Robins our super-fan has decided to bring his activities at the club to an end and writes the article below. Everyone at Stafford Rangers thanks Eric for his amazing contribution over the years he has been a magnificent ambassador for the Rangers and whilst we will still see him supporting the team he loves; we hope that he now gets the opportunity to chill and relax a little more.

Thank you, Eric, for your commitment, loyalty, and passion!

On Thursday 5th January we will be marking our 77th Lottery Draw since its launch in August 2016.I will also be 77 later in January and regrettably, due to my deteriorating health, I have decided to resign from the Lottery Committee. I am sad to do this, but I must put my health first and no longer feel I can give the commitment to the work I would need to do each month to ensure that the Lottery runs smoothly.

During the last 6 ½ years the Lottery has grown and now has membership of 319. I am pleased to announce that gross income has recently passed the £150,000 mark. This has resulted in the region of £80,000 being used for many infrastructure projects, as well as providing funding for pitch and ground maintenance. Prize money has amounted to £48,700 with a total of 231 wins, with people winning more than once. The remaining balance of £13,370 was paid out in agents’ commission and bank/go cardless and sage charges.

The success of the Lottery is due to our Lottery Members, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting both me and the Lottery during this last 6 ½ years and I hope you will all continue to support it and encourage friends to join. It would be great if membership could be raised to 500 as the money raised is so vital to the football club’s continued development.

In conclusion, I hope the club can get a replacement to work on the Lottery in 2023. I did give the club 3 months’ notice of my intention to retire and know that discussions are taking place.

I have enjoyed my 6 ½ years working on the Lottery but now is the time for someone younger to get involved.

Best wishes to all our Lottery Members for 2023 and please continue to ‘Boost the Boro!’

Eric Robins


Update on Pitch Improvements

Update on Pitch Improvements

The Lottery splashes the cash – again!

Boost the Boro Lottery members have come up trumps again by making a major contribution to end of season pitch renovation work and a new, up market, pitch irrigation system.

Of the total cost of around £17,000, the lottery has paid in £9,000, with the balance coming from a Football Foundation Grant. The irrigation system comprises of a 12,000 litre tank, a pump, three hose connector points along the social club end of the ground and a Speedy Rain delivery system which spreads an even spray of water over 1/3rd of the length of the pitch on each run.

The end result will be a much smoother and greener playing surface well suited to Matty and Dale’s cultured, passing style of football.

There are many more exciting projects in the pipeline for which Lottery funding will be needed, so if you aren’t already a member and want to be part of the Boro success story while winning valuable cash prizes, then why not join the Boost the Boro Lottery.

The club would also like to add a huge thank-you to everyone who has joined the lottery, you make a huge difference.

You can join the lottery from £5 per month, from which 3 lucky winners are chosen for the chance to win 1st Prize – £500, 2nd Prize – £100, 3rd Prize – £50.

Irrigation System
Irrigation System
Irrigation System
Irrigation System
Irrigation System
Boost The Boro Update

Boost The Boro Update

The 3rd March is a special day for our ‘Boost The Boro Lottery’

The lottery committee are pleased to announce that a massive £42,750 will have been paid out in prize money since the first draw in August 2016.

The 2nd drawn number on 3rd March, will be our 200th prize winner and the winner would normally receive £100. However, the committee have decided to celebrate reaching this landmark by doubling the winnings to £200.

A big thank-you to all our loyal members, please see if you can encourage friends to join. The club also operate 2 agent schemes, which offer 30% for individuals and 50% for partners such as sports clubs, resident associations and charitable organisations.

Finally, let us all continue to ‘Boost The Boro’ and good luck in future draws.

Boost the Boro’ Lottery

Boost the Boro’ Lottery

In August we will be celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the lottery so we thought it would be an ideal time to update every one of the progress that has been made.

Gross lottery income stands at £114,800 of which £37,550 has been paid out in prize money to 177 lucky winners. After the deduction of other expenses totalling £10,761 (5 Years expenses, bank charges, and Go cardless and agents commission) the remaining balance of £66,489 was available to the club for infrastructure projects, including pitch and ground maintenance.

£29,783 was spent on the pitch and ground. The split was £12,142 on general maintenance and £17,641 on equipment which included a mower & spares, a white line machine and a turf groomer.

During the last 5 years numerous other projects were provided with funding by the lottery including major projects such as the car park, a new boiler, press box, dugouts and a players tunnel. A new safe, a Veo camera and vital medical supplies, upgraded telephone system and numerous electrical jobs were all completed as a result of lottery member’s commitment.

During this 5 year period membership peaked at 319 in November 2019. Since then there has been a gentle decline in memberships to the current figure of 302 and a drop in profit from £1372 to £1277 per month.

The aim was always to increase membership to 500 and in 2017 we launched an agents scheme to try and attract new members through a generous commission scheme. Unfortunately this did not prove to be very successful. We have only 5 agents who between them have enrolled 59 members. We thank all the agents for their efforts but if we are to continue to grow we need to attract new agents who can sign up much more.

The Lottery has been very successful and plays a vital part in the running and financing of your football club, enabling the club to do things that would not have been possible before. Fundamental to its success has been the efforts of Eric Robbins and we want to formally thank him for all the work he has done. Eric’s health is not as good as it was and he can’t go charging around Stafford as he used to.

More help is needed to make our dream of 500 members a reality and if you feel you can help to either encourage new agents to get on board please contact us.

Please sign me up as an agent

If you just want to enter the lottery please click on the links below.

Bronze Member

Silver Member

Gold Member

Lottery members buy Veo Camera

Lottery members buy Veo Camera

Stafford Rangers Lottery scheme has once more proved its value enabling the club to buy into the benefits of football analytics with the purchase of a new Veo automated camera in advance of the new season. It enables the management team to benefit from increased and focussed analysis and development of players, benefitting coaching techniques. It follows the play and will be used by Jody Banim and his team post-match to analyse all aspects of the game and review both tactics and players.

Jody Banim states:

“I think this is a really vital piece of kit and will help as we develop player’s strengths and enable us to review games in detail. I am grateful that all those taking part in the Lottery Scheme have enable us to invest in Veo.”

It is the intention to record all league fixtures specifically those away from home and then show them in the social club ahead of the next home game when the next season starts properly on the 19th September.

All forthcoming pre-season friendlies will be played behind closed doors due to the restrictions in place. Whilst it is the intention to record all games some of these pre- season games, due to their sensitive nature, will not be transmitted.

The club once again thanks everyone involved in the lottery and to find out how you can make a difference please click here.