Staffs CC have advised both the club and the league that any club that admits fans to its ground runs the risk of prosecution. In consequence we are in urgent dialogue with the NPL about the resumption of football in general and our Boxing Day game v. Nantwich in particular.

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We are sure everyone is waiting for and frustrated by the lack of news and clarity in relation to when, how and in what manner we will be playing football next.

Our frustrations are as great as yours and culminate once more today in a huge amount of correspondence coming at us from a multitude of sources, which makes passing on any information with clarity and detail almost impossible and the message is constantly changing.

Stafford Rangers has agreed (in the absence of a league game on Saturday) to host a friendly game against Leek Town to maintain match fitness. Under the most recent advice we were going to be able to invite 300 home fans to Marston Road. Events throughout the day have occurred which now leaves us with no option but to play this game behind closed doors with no fans. Both clubs have agreed to this decision.

A game is currently scheduled for Boxing Day, a home game against Nantwich. We can’t currently tell you whether this match will go ahead or not. Many clubs including ourselves are of the opinion that only being able to allow 300 fans combined with no social club income, will result in operating each game at a substantial loss. This comes directly after a period of no income where many clubs have been sustained only by grants and loans.

Whilst we await a formal letter Public Health Staffordshire have also indicated that they regard the latest FA guidance to be totally at odds and contrary with current legislation. Their view currently is that to admit spectators to grounds, particularly under Tier 3, would be illegal. Hopefully some form of clarity and agreement can be reached tomorrow with both clubs and various ruling and advising bodies.

Our responsibility is to ensure that none of the substantial hard work and efforts by the football club, its shareholders and its fans are diluted by a policy that diminishes the financial viability of our club and many like us. Together we must also ensure the safety of our players and supporters. We will advise as soon as we have an agreed course of action.

Up the Boro!
17th December 2020



A friendly match between Hednesford Town and Stafford Rangers has been agreed to take place at Hednesford next Tuesday evening 15th December at 7:30 PM.

In line with recent updates from the league there will be a total of 300 fans allowed through the gate but no away fans are unfortunately able to attend. Whilst this is disappointing the health and safety of fans is paramount in the run up to Christmas and however frustrating we ask all Rangers fans to respect the guidelines. Hednesford are currently looking at Live Streaming this game and will notify through their website if this is possible.

Training has recommenced at Stafford Rangers and the friendly will enable both teams to try to improve match fitness prior to the restart of the season at some time in the future. We will keep you advised as and when some clarity is communicated by the relevant bodies in relation to a start of competitive football once more.

Latest league update can be seen through the following link here.



Early this year the support of fans was demonstrated by a huge interest in the purchase of shares. In excess of 53,000 additional shares were bought by fans, eager to support their club at the start of the first lockdown and we thank you.

There are still 125,000 shares available. Existing shareholders who wish to buy additional shares for themselves or as a present for friends or family can do so by clicking here. Fans who are not yet shareholders but who are interested in buying some shares should contact our company secretary by e mailing

So why buy shares?
Buying shares is the ultimate way of showing your support for the Boro! Not only will it give you a genuine sense of ownership of your favourite football club it will also give you a voice in how the club is run. At the Rangers we do want to hear from our shareholders on a regular basis which is why at our twice-yearly shareholders meetings the most important item on the agenda is the open forum at which shareholders get to ask questions and put forward suggestions. And buying shares comes with no strings attached or any further obligation. Getting involved and coming to meetings is entirely optional.

Share Subscription Scheme
Shareholders can now purchase shares on a monthly basis rather than buy a big block at one go through our share subscription scheme. The link to the application form can be seen in the above link.

To all our shareholders we say a huge thank you in supporting the football club and we wish you a very Happy Christmas.

Birthday Wishes from Stafford Rangers

Birthday Wishes from Stafford Rangers

Whilst we both thought they were older LOL today they celebrate their 40th Birthday and we hope you will join us in congratulating them both.

Mark & Ben are both sincere and enthusiastic fans who have not only supported the club over many years but wear the badge proudly on their sleeve in many ways. Mark is a very active and vital member of the Business Continuity Group (BCG) and both were key players in getting the Shed End project up and running and delivering it to bring the noise back to Marston Road. They have both worked selflessly over the years improving many areas within the ground including the construction of the Fans bar and latterly the renovation of the press box. More projects are already on the cards.

It is not only what they have done which is important but the manner in which they actual do them which is commendable. We are lucky and proud to have ‘the twins’ on our team.

They are a constant delight to work with and always have the fans best interests at heart, so we hope you both have a fantastic birthday and all the Rangers team from the BCG, Directors, Volunteers, Manager and Squad send their very best wishes. We are sure that one of their best presents would be to get football up and running and watching their team put some points on the table, hopefully this will happen soon. Until then Happy 40th Birthday Mark & Ben and thankyou.

Up the Boro!!



The latest league update is shown below we will advise as soon as any further news or clarity is received.

PRESS RELEASE by the Trident Leagues

Following the statement issued by the Isthmian, Northern Premier and Southern Football Leagues yesterday, further clarification can now be given in relation to the voting following the Zoom meetings held by all 3 Trident Leagues with their Member Clubs to discuss the impact of the raising of the lockdown on 2nd December.

There were 224 Clubs voting across the 3 Leagues and of these 172 agreed with the proposition to continue the pause in fixtures, 51 disagreed and there was 1 abstention. Broken down by League, 57 Clubs in the Northern Premier League voted to agree with 4 disagreeing, 68 Clubs in the Southern League agreed with 14 disagreeing and in the Isthmian League it was much closer with 47 Clubs agreeing, 33 disagreeing and 1 abstention. The “Agree” vote was therefore 76% and it has been agreed that the three Leagues will not sanction fixtures at this time.

It is intended that the situation is kept under review in line with Government review on the Tier allocations and restrictions. Accordingly, the next review is set for 16 December and then 30 December. It is the hope of all the Leagues that a date in January can be set for a return to fixtures with Clubs who wish being allowed to play before that date but this will not be until there is a change in the Tiers and/or some progress in the funding of the Clubs at this level.

The Government has allocated £25m to Sport England to fund Steps 1 to 6 of the National Leagues System, of which £14m is set for Steps 3-6 but is heavily weighted in favour of loans, not grants. The FA is working tirelessly with DCMS and Sport England to have the funding presented as Grants. However, these negotiations take time, and it is not expected to have an answer or clarification of details of even the loans until mid-January.

The deep concern of all involved in the NLS is that circumstances may mean that it is not possible to conclude the current format of competition in a manner in which promotion and relegation can be achieved throughout the whole pyramid with Step 2 being brought up to 48 Clubs and Step 4 brought up to 240 Clubs.

If, therefore, no progress is made by the Government on the Tiers in either of the two December reviews, it is the intention of the Alliance Committee to circulate those concerned with a survey to gather the views of the Clubs as how best to finish the season. Options will include an alternative format competition and extending the season possibly into June 2021. However the implications of all such proposals will involve the cost of player’s contracts and the ability of some clubs to continue playing because of other issues of grounds and the need to prepare grass pitches for the following season.​

The Leagues are mindful of the needs of all Clubs and are striving to find a solution which is fair to all.